Site Checker

Given a hostname of a website

  • Check if there is a robots.txt file
  • Check the title and the description of the main page.

Planned features:

  • check if all the pages are valid HTML

  • check if all the pages have (unique?) title

  • check the description meta field

  • check the keywords meta field

  • check if all the internal links are valid

  • check if the robots.txt includes link to sitemap.xml

  • check if the sitemap.xml lists all the pages?

  • check internal link density

Install and Run

Run from cloned repository (assuming you have Rust installed)

git clone
cd site-checker
cargo run --bin seo-site-checker -- --pages 5 --host

This will create a file called report.json and another file called report.html.

Install (assuming you have Rust installed)

cargo install --git
seo-site-checker --host

Install if you don't have Rust installed

We don't yet have binary distribution, but let us know which Operating system you use by opening an issue and we'll create the binary.

Reports of a few small sites: